The website of the artist Maria Grazia Zohar di Karstenegg (known as Zdkdesignart)

- 9 January 2023 |

About two years ago, the artist Maria Grazia Zohar di Karstenegg, known as Zdkdesignart, took up the art career starting from digital art, read the complete biography to better know the artist.

On her website there are some of her best artworks, the inside pages clearly explain who Maria Grazia Zohar di Karsternegg is, her artistic vision and what is her artistic path. It shows the production of an author who seizes the moment, set free her fantasy and creativity, reflect her vision of a colorful and cheerful world, free from the negativity of the outside world.

On the website you can find photos, videos and publications, and many other materials about Maria Grazia Zohar di Karstenegg. If you want, you can also contact the artist.