Maria Grazia Zohar di Karstenegg

Maria Grazia Zohar di Karstenegg

Maria Grazia Zohar di Karstenegg. Born in Venice Lido.

Music has accompanied me during my life. I have been a violinist at the Fenice Theatre in Venice for 35 years but, throughout my life, creativity has always been part of me.

I have devoted my self to other creative arts but, it’s about two years that I fell in love with a new world. This new world has joined me involving me completely.

My new world is colorful and cheerful, free from the negativity of the outside world. My new world seizes the moment by setting free imagination and creativity, and it’s from this that my paintings came alive.

Astonishing and sometimes incomprehensible dreams that give room for free interpretation , dreams that can always receive a different explanation from anyone, influencing people’s unconscious.

I believe it’s the most beautiful thing in the world to tell about freedom, which rises and flies hovering through the beauty of life!